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Miami City Diggs is brought to you by Miami Beach real estate agents Jamey & Ognjen Prezzi.  We work with buyers and sellers. This site has every single MLS property listing in Miami Beach real estate listing and also in Brickell and Downtown Miami. We update this blog regularly to provide you with local Miami Beach real estate news including Miami Beach condo listings, Miami Beach luxury real estate, Miami Beach houses for sale, Miami Beach waterfront real estate and always the latest on Miami Beach real estate market trends.

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Miami Beach Real Estate Buyer Tips Hiring The Right Agent

Miami Beach Real Estate Tips Choosing the Right Agent for the Right Property

If you are thinking about buying Miami Beach real estate, it's important to pick your real estate agent wisely. For instance, some real estate agents will try to be everything to everyone, and that's a hard thing to accomplish in such a diverse real estate market as Miami Beach. I think it's really … [Read More]

Rivo Alto Island home for sale

Rivo Alto Island Homes for Sale in Miami Beach

Rivo Alto Island Homes for sale are properties located in one of the most desirable islands in the neighborhood of Miami Beach. It is the second Island from the East of the Venetian Islands, a chain of artificial islands located between Miami mainland and Miami Beach. The Rivo Alto is right between … [Read More]

Pre-Inspections Matter Miami Beach Real Estate Seller Tips

Pre-Inspections Matter Miami Beach Real Estate Seller Tips

Today's Miami Beach real estate seller tip is about pre-inspections. Far too often sellers aren't aware of some very basic prepping that can allow them to be in a better position prior to going under contract with a buyer. One of our basic prepping tools is to recommend an inspection. This is … [Read More]

San Marco Island Homes For Sale

San Marco Island Homes for Sale in Miami Beach

San Marco Island homes for sale are located on theVenetian Islands between the mainland of Miami and Miami Beach. San Marco Island is one of the six artificial chains of islands that make up The Venetian Islands in Miami Beach. San Marco Island Homes for Sale: Why Do People Live San Marco … [Read More]

miami beach real estate good faith estimate

The Good Faith Estimate Miami Beach Real Estate Buyer Tips

One of my mantras over and again is that if you are thinking about purchasing Miami Beach real estate with financing, it's key to work with an experienced local lender. Every industry has its lingo and if you are a first-time buyer new lingo is often swerving all over the place. From the real estate … [Read More]

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