Biscayne Point Miami Beach

Biscayne Point Miami Beach homes are located in the more northern part of Miami Beach.  This area is a section of Miami Beach that is located on the western side of Miami Beach on the Biscayne Bay.  Biscayne Point Miami Beach is just north of Normandy Shores and south of Indian Creek.

Biscayne Point Real Estate

Biscayne Point Miami Beach homes are waterfront and non-waterfront properties.  Boat access must also be carefully measured as some of the waterfront properties are located on a little canal with bridges.  Bayfront located Biscayne Point homes are perfect homes for the those who want wide open bay access for boating and other activities.

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Why Do People Buy Real Estate in Biscayne Point in Miami Beach?

First Miami Beach is one of the most desirable places in the world to own real estate.  Whether you are buying property as an investment, a second home or a vacation property, there is something for every buyer in Miami Beach.

Single family homes for sale in Miami Beach consist of many different types of properties from smaller homes to super luxury mansions. Biscayne Point is great because it’s just north of the busy South Beach yet still close to all of the action.  Since it’s located in the more northern, western side of the island, the pricing is often more affordable than other locations of Miami Beach.  For waterfront property with open bay access, Biscayne Point properties offer some of the best pricing in the city.

Miami Beach Real Estate Location

The Miami Beach real estate neighborhood is made up from a large island and mini islands that are situated off the Miami mainland. This neighborhood stretches North to South from 1st street up to approximately 87th street and east to west from the Atlantic Ocean to Biscayne Bay. The real estate that makes up the Miami Beach condos for sale area is vast.

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What’s the Biscayne Point Neighborhood Like?

Biscayne Point is just one of the neighborhoods that make up all of the islands of Miami Beach.  Biscayne Point feels quaint and off the beaten path because it’s located on island that is gated of the Miami Beach main island.  Pricing of homes in this neighborhood varies because of many different factors including condition and location of the property  Biscayne Point has bay front, canal front and non-waterfront properties.  What you get for your money will first depend on the location of the property.  Next, some properties have been incredibly renovated over the years while others are still original.  So it’s just important to consider all of these factors in terms of pricing.

The Miami Beach real estate market consists of neighborhoods like North Beach, South Beach, Mid Beach, La Gorce,  Indian Creek, North Bay Road and South of Fifth. Miami Beach Real Estate has many different types of properties from high rise condominiums to large estate properties and within each of these “niche” areas are neighborhood communities.

What’s most important to understand is that although Miami Beach is a local residence for many, it is also a second and third home for many wealthy locals and International business people. Due to its location, culture and style, it is a very desirable place for people to buy second homes as well as invest their money. Our real estate market although local, is not always driven by “locals”, many of our buyers are from wealthy countries and they have no problem paying cash for a multimillion dollar properties on the ocean.

Biscayne Point Miami Beach Real Estate

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What’s Going on Nearby Biscayne Point Miami Beach Neighborhood, Florida?

Biscayne Point real estate is in Miami Beach and is located just west of the Miami Beach mainland and the more northern section of Miami Beach.  There is a major hospital close to the neighborhood as well as just about every kind of conceivable shopping. A few blocks from Biscayne Point is an area off of Collins where there are many different restaurants and shops.  The Lincoln Road shopping center is a quick drive and Sunset Shoppes are home to some of the city’s best restaurants.  Bal Harbour Mall is just a quick drive north.

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