Buying a Luxury Home in Miami, What Will Stay and What Will Go?

If you are thinking about buying a luxury home in Miami, one of your first questions prior to making an offer may be, “What items stay with the property?”  This is a common question and one that may not be addressed enough during the offer process.

Luxury Home in Miami

The contract that I normally use with our clients’ offers states:

together with all existing improvements and attached items, including fixtures; built-in furnishings; major appliances  (including but not limited to range(s), refrigerator(s), dishwasher(s), washer(s), and dryer(s)); ___________ (#) ceiling fans (all ceiling fans if left blank); light fixtures; attached wall-to-wall carpeting; and rods, draperies, and other window treatments as of date of Buyer’s initial offer. The only other items included in the purchase are:__________________

With that said on luxury homes in Miami, you should always double check with the seller’s agent to make sure that everyone is on the same page.  It doesn’t mean that the above text cannot be enforced if the seller misunderstood, rather it’s just better to go over those details in advance rather than face a misunderstanding in the middle of the transaction or worse discovering at the walk through that the gorgeous chandelier you wanted was removed.

Items that are sometimes overlooked

  • Chandeliers or other specialty light fixtures.
  • Many luxury homes in Miami have outside living areas like summer kitchens.  It’s better to list out those items that you want to be included in the sale, (if any).
  • Any specialty design pieces that are specific to the property but could be questionable as “attached”.
  • If the seller is leaving behind furnished items be sure to attached a detailed furnished list (in writing) and pictures of the items to the contract.

Recently at one walk through of a furnished property, we discovered a seller had removed a specialty item.  Luckily we had both the inventory list and photo list of that item, otherwise there would have been a question if that item were in the property at the time of the offer or not.  Luckily both parties came a mutual agreement by the seller crediting the buyer so that he could purchase the same item after closing.

As with anything, the devil is in the details.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.   Detail out any items that are important to you in the purchase of your luxury home in Miami on the sales contract and make sure that everyone is on the same page with your requests.

Do you have more questions about buying a luxury home in Miami?

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