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Why Do People Live & Buy Real Estate in Miami Beach?

Miami Beach is one of the most desirable places in the world to own Miami Beach real estate is very desirable. Whether you are buying property as an investment, a second home or a vacation property, there is something for every buyer in this city.

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Lincoln Road is the hub of the Miami Beach real estate area and where locals and tourists collide.  Miami Beach real estate is so unique and diverse much like the people who purchase real estate here.  People from all over the world and US citizens alike love Miami Beach and this is what keeps our market flowing and unique fabric of our city alive.

South Beach Lincoln Road

Properties for sale in Miami Beach real estate consists of many different types of properties such as small walk up condominiums, super luxury high rise glass structures in the sky,  smaller cottage like homes and mansions on the water.  There is something for everyone’s budget and style but you have to make sure that you know what you are buying.

Cosmoplitan South Beach

Miami Beach Real Estate Location

The Miami Beach real estate neighborhood is made up from a large island and mini islands situated off the Miami mainland.  This neighborhood stretches North to South from 1st street up to approximately 87th street and east to west from the Atlantic Ocean to Biscayne Bay.  The real estate that makes up the Miami Beach condos for sale area is vast.

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Interested in finding homes or condos for sale in Miami Beach, Florida? Click that link to find all the currently available homes in this area of Miami Beach.


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What’s the Neighborhood Like?

The Miami Beach real estate market consists of neighborhoods like South Beach, Mid Beach, Millionaires row and South of Fifth. Miami Beach Real Estate has many different “niche” areas, and within each of these “niche” areas are buildings. These individual buildings have their own culture, philosophy and way of running.  It’s important to buy into a building where you agree with their business style.

What’s most important to understand is that although Miami Beach is a local residence for many, it is also a second and third home for many wealthy locals and international business people. Due to its location, culture, and style, it is a very desirable place for people to buy second homes as well as invest their money. Our real estate market, although local, is not always driven by “locals”, many of our buyers are from wealthy countries and they have no problem paying cash for a multimillion dollar property on the ocean.
South of Fifth buildings from left to right:  Continuum II, Continuum I, Portofino and Apogee

south beach real estate

This is a picture of the Miami Beach Marina located in the South of Fifth neighborhood of Miami Beach.

Miami Beach Real Estate Market

What’s Going on Nearby the Miami Beach Neighborhood?

Miami Beach is located just south of Bal Harbour, Sunny Isles, and east of Downtown Miami and Brickell.   There is a major hospital in the neighborhood as well as just about every kind of conceivable shopping in walking distance. The Lincoln Road shopping center is within walking distance to most of Miami Beach and if you have to drive, there’s plenty of parking around the outside mall.   In the evenings you might want to take a stroll down Lincoln Road, and if you are wine bar or pub beer person, there are numerous restaurants and bars to sit and relax at, and enjoy the water and gorgeous blue sky.

Below is a picture of South Pointe Park where many people enjoy the outdoors and park activities.

South Pointe Park

Now You Really Want to Find a Property Here, Right?

If you are interested in the current homes and condos for sale in the Miami Beach neighborhood of Miami Beach, FL click on the link. Our ‘for sale’ property information is a direct feed from the Miami MLS and is updated multiple times per day.


We can help you. We specialize in Miami neighborhoods for luxury real estate in Miami and Miami Beach.  We would be happy to give you a personalized Comparative Market Analysis  for your Miami home or assist you to purchase a Miami Beach condo or home.

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