Miami Beach Neighborhoods Defined

Miami Beach Neighborhoods basically consist of a large island and mini islands that are situated off the Miami Mainland that stretche north to south from 1st street up to approximately 87th street and east to west from the Atlantic Ocean to Biscayne Bay.

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The real estate that is on Miami Beach is vast.  There are high rise condominiums, low rise condominiums, single family homes, town-homes and mansions.

When the media and other real estate statistics group all of Miami real estate into one big lump, unfortunately the numbers don’t really tell the entire truth.

Miami and Miami Beach are two different areas. 

South Beach, Brickell, Downtown Miami & Midtown Miami although very close to each other are three different neighborhoods within the general “Miami” area and from there each individual building has it’s very own market data. 

Miami Beach Neighborhoods also have many different “niche” areas and within each of these “niche” areas are buildings.  Which creates another sub market.

What’s most important to understand is that although Miami Beach is a  local residence for many, is also a second and third home for many wealthy locals and International business people.  Due to it’s location, culture and style, it is a very desirable place for people to buy second homes as well as invest their money.  Our real estate market although local, is not always driven by “locals”, many of our buyers are from wealthy countries and they have no problem paying cash for a multimillion dollar property on the ocean.

Some Miami Beach neighborhoods are “designated” while others are “made up nicknames” by locals over the years.

From south to north some of the most popular Miami Beach neighborhoods are:

  • South Beach or SOBE
      • South Beach is approximately located from 23rd street to 1st street and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Biscayne Bay.

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    • A neighborhood of South beach is called South of Fifth (SOFI).  This neighborhood is one of the higher end luxury neighborhoods of Miami Beach featuring buildings like Continuum I, Continuum II, Portofino Towers, Apogee, Murano at Portofino, Murano Grande, ICON, South of Fifth,  Bentley Beach, The Courts & Cosmopolitan.

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  • Star, Palm and Hibiscus Islands
      • These are the three islands with large mansions that you can view from the MacArthur Causeway.  They are artificial islands and were created by Carl Fisher.  These islands are homes to many wealthy residents and celebrities.

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  • Venetian Islands
  • Also artificial islands and encompass:  Biscayne Island, San Marco, San Marino, Di Lido, Rivo Alto and Belle Island.
  • Belle Island is the most eastern Island of the Venetian Islands and has condominium high rises and also features The Standard hotel and Spa.
  • Rivo Alto, Di Lido and San Marino feature single family homes.
  • Biscayne Island has a mixture of single family homes and condominiums.

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    • Sunset Islands

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  • West Avenue/Bay Road
  • Flamingo/Lummus
  • Mid Beach/Millionaire’s Row
  • Nautilus
  • Alllison Island
  • Biscayne Point
  • Normandy Shores


Mid Beach and the islands are a little more residential and low key.  Although these areas are still within minutes to South Beach and are still very urban compared to other beach towns, these areas feature more single family homes and large high rises.  Many of the high rises have full service amenities featuring restaurants, spas and amenities that allow the residents to “live inside” the building.

One thing that about Miami Beach that most people do not know is that it really has something to offer everyone from local year round residents, tourists, investors, vacation home buyers and more.  We have beaches, nightclubs, restaurants, shopping, local parks that Miami Beach residents can access for free (hockey, pool, after school activities and more), boating, retiree friendly activities and so much more.  Miami Beach is often referred to as a “party town” and although we definitely have our fair share of parties, we are so much more than a big party.  It’s a huge diverse community of people and a great one at that!

Miami Beach Neighborhoods

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