Miami Beach Real Estate Tips for Sellers on a Broker’s Open House (video)

In today’s Miami Beach Real Estate Seller Tip video, we discuss why it’s important for sellers to allow their agents to hold a Broker’s Open House.  Unlike the traditional public open house, a Broker’s Open House allows top agents from all over the city to preview your property and get all of the information in person and agent to agent.  In fact attending Broker’s Open Houses is often a key weekly task for many of the top agents in the city.  Broker’s Open Houses allow agents to preview the property in person without a buyer, get familiar with it’s specifications and allow agents to confidently send out listings to their buyers.

In this video below, Jamey and Ognjen talk more about why it’s important for Miami Beach sellers to allow Broker’s Open Houses

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Miami Beach Real Estate Tips for Sellers on Allow a Brokers Open House (video)

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