Miami Shores Homes

For those who are considering moving to Miami or looking for a different home in the area, Miami Shores homes is a great option. The reason this is and always has been a popular choice is that many homeowners love the location and the feel of it. Miami Shores homes are a way of getting that quaint suburban feel while being close to the beaches and even closer to vibrant downtown Miami.

This is also the location that is home to Barry University and there are a great number of local and transplanted professionals and students residing in the area. In fact, for a Miami area it has almost a quaint small town charm and appeal while being neighbor to a bustling, thriving; cultural downtown epicenter.

Neighborhood Appeal

If you are interested in having a single family home in a beautiful neighborhood as opposed to a condo this could be a place to consider calling home. Currently, you can even find smaller homes like a 2 bedroom and 1 bath at affordable prices, which is no small feat in the Miami area. Of course, larger homes range from in the two hundreds all the way up to over a million dollars.

For many home shoppers though, this is also a way to play a little with the numbers. When it comes to condo shopping it can sometimes be more challenging to break out of a certain price range. When you start to look into the variety available for Miami Shores homes you can find quite a different range. Not to mention single family homes are still a good financing option while most condo buildings are too great a risk right now to be financed.

These homes offer privacy for one thing. Another thing is that many homeowners enjoy having a yard to garden in and for kids to play in. If you are more interested in the single family home lifestyle Miami Shores homes could be your best bet.

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