Should I live in Brickell, Downtown Miami, Midtown Miami or South Beach?

UPDATED 2/5/2015

Every time we start working with a client, we get this question about what’s the best neighborhood in Miami?  This is a really great question and one that is probably going to be mostly determined by:

1.  Your expectations.

2.  Your lifestyle.

3.  Your budget.

Many of our new clients want to live in the “city areas” of Miami. Typically, they are interested in Brickell, Downtown Miami, Midtown Miami or South Beach (a neighborhood of Miami Beach).

Let’s talk about Brickell

Brickell is referred to as the financial and business district of Miami.  There are a lot of banks, insurance companies and International professional businesses based in Brickell.  In terms of the overall environment, Brickell feels a little more polished, commercial and planned than the organic feel of South Beach. Brickell is located just south of Downtown Miami on the edge of Biscayne Bay (east).   Many of our clients really, like the Brickell area because in terms of what you get for your money (versus on Miami Beach) you get more in terms of newness, size and other amenities. Brickell offers a pedestrian lifestyle and features the Mary Brickell Village area that hosts many shops, restaurants, and bars.  Brickell has a lot of growth in it and soon it is going to become even more of a city within itself.  There is a lot of construction and development going on in Brickell. In my opinion, Brickell is a great place to invest in real estate now. Here is more information about the Brickell neighborhood.

Brickell Condo Plaza on Brickell

Next, let’s talk about South Beach

South Beach is a neighborhood of Miami Beach and is a unique neighborhood.  South Beach is from about 23rd street down to 1st street north to south and from the bay to the ocean east to west.

It’s jam packed full of different people from all over the world.  It’s a destination, a scene, lots of shopping, restaurants and one of the true pedestrian areas of  Miami and Miami Beach.  Plus it features the infamous beach.  It’s truly a very mini city within itself.  In South Beach, you can park your car and walk to pretty much anywhere you need to be or hail a cab if you have a longer trip. There are many different parks to enjoy outdoor activities, pools, tennis and more.

South Beach is a scene, but one thing many people get wrong is the local day to day daily living.  Although there are lots of parties, clubs and events to attend to year round, many professionals, and year-round residents call South Beach home.  In fact, my husband and I have called South Beach home for many years, and we really enjoy living here. There are a lot of park and activities for children including three public pools, an ice hockey rink, tennis courts and more.

Now, one thing that is true is this.  Some of the world’s most wealthiest people have homes and condos in South Beach, and because it is an amazing city, it draws a huge crowd of buyers throughout the year. South Beach is on an island with not a lot of land left to develop, so what you get for your money comes at a premium.

The more affordable buildings are typically a little older, and the newer buildings sell at top dollar.  Many properties in South Beach have broken real estate records throughout the years because of the desire of ownership and availability.

Here is some more information about the South Beach neighborhood.

south beach real estate

Next, one of my favorite areas Downtown Miami

Downtown Miami is located just north of Brickell and South of the Biscayne Corridor and Midtown Miami Area.  This area stretches east of 95, south of the causeway and along the Biscayne Bay. On the bay side of Downtown Miami are the Port of Miami, Bayside Market Place, the American Airlines Arena and the soon to be Miami Art Museum (scheduled to open in 2013). During one of the most challenging times in our market, many different developers of this city managed to open some of the best and highest end buildings in Miami like Marquis, 900 Biscayne and soon to be 1000 Museum.  This neighborhood still has a lot of growth in it, and I know big things to come in its future!  Pretty impressive and mark my word, time to buy now. Here is some more information on Downtown Miami.

living in downtown miami views from balcony

 & last but definitely not least, Biscayne Corridor and Midtown Miami

Biscayne Corridor/Midtown Miami are parallel to the Miami Beach area and  just off of the Biscayne Bay. The 1800 Club & Quantum have entirely transformed the Pace Park area and Biscayne Corridor. There are many new projects in development now.  Midtown Miami is hustling and bustling these days with a lot of shopping, restaurants and lounges.  If you live in these areas you are probably going to be driving around in a car more than you would in Brickell or South Beach because the buildings are block to block (not entirely 100% developed yet), but don’t worry, both areas are in the way of transformation.

Paramount Bay

At the end, where you choose to live will depend on many different factors but Miami and Miami Beach has something to offer every taste and budget.

As you can see, each of these areas is unique.  Where you should live depends on your budget, lifestyle and what you expect to get for your money.  South Beach, Brickell, Downtown & Midtown Miami are different, and each has something special to offer…..  drive around, do the comps, preview the buildings and find out which area and building fit you.

Brickell, Downtown Miami, Midtown Miami or South Beach, we can help you.

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