Best Area to Buy a Condo in Miami Beach Florida

Where is the best area to buy a condo in Miami Beach Florida?

Best Area to Buy a Condo in Miami Beach Florida

First, there are a lot of great neighborhoods in Miami Beach. What I love about Miami Beach is the fact that it appeals to many different budgets and lifestyles. Miami Beach is an island of about 86 blocks from north to south. Then a wider section of blocks east (the Ocean) to the west (the bay). As the island stretches north, it gets more narrow and on the west side features single family neighborhoods. Also, many of the Isle properties that are located out in the bay parallel to the mainland of Miami Beach are also considered "Miami Beach." There are many different types of properties in Miami Beach, and because it is one of the most desirable areas in the world, the real estate can be very expensive to some. If you are from a large city like New York, London or LA, Miami Beach property may seem like a bargain. If you are from a smaller town, it will seem very expensive. The good news is that there is pretty much property for every budget as long as your expectations are in line with what your budget can afford.

The best area for you is going to depend on a few main factors:

(1) your budget

(2) your criteria

Also, you should know that even within each of these neighborhoods there are sub-markets, and they consist of factors like:

  • the location of the building (waterfront or non-waterfront)
  • type of waterfront (oceanfront or bayfront)
  • the building and its brand
  • the unit itself (the line of the unit and its view)
  • the unit itself (the finishes and decor)
  • parking and the number of parking spaces
  • there are other factors too, but these are a few of the important ones

One of the most desirable neighborhoods of Miami Beach is South of Fifth, also known as Sofi.  

South of Fifth is known as the super luxury area on Miami Beach because there are many "super luxury" buildings in this neighborhood. Also, many of the properties that are most desirable are located in waterfront buildings. South of Fifth's real estate is pretty much the cream of the crop in luxury real estate in the city. There are many different types of properties in this neighborhood from smaller walkups, lofts, and super mega luxury buildings.

South of Fifth Condos For Sale

The West Avenue neighborhood is just north of South of Fifth.

The West Avenue neighborhood is a great area and is just north of South of Fifth. Many of the luxury properties are located on Biscayne Bay with amazing bay and city views. The best part of the West Avenue neighborhood is that it is within walking distance to most of South Beach's main attractions:  Lincoln road, the beach and many of the grocery stores, shops, and gyms.

West Avenue Real Estate For Sale

Another famous Miami Beach neighborhood Sunset Harbour.

Sunset Harbour is an area just northeast of the Venetian Islands. In the past it was flanked by a huge tow truck lot and more industrial type businesses, today those businesses have closed up shop, and this neighborhood is becoming a hub to some of South Beach's best known local restaurants like Sardinia and Pubbelly. In place of the industrial shops is a new shopping center named Sunset Harbour Shops. What makes this area unique is that it is out of the way for the "tourist" feel of Miami Beach, and it has a more local feel and still has easy access to all of South Beach.

Sunset Harbour Real Estate For Sale

Next, although not really " neighborhood" rather a criterion: Oceanfront

In my opinion, any property that is considered a luxury oceanfront property is great (as long as the building is managed correctly). Two of my favorite buildings are located in the 40th Street area in Miami Beach, just south of Soho House and Fountainbleau hotel. They are the Caribbean and Mosaic. However, there are other great oceanfront properties to consider if your budget allows it.

Oceanfront Real Estate For Sale In Miami Beach

Finally, small art deco buildings, walk-ups, and lofts.

Sprinkled throughout the city are smaller niche neighborhoods like the Flamingo Park area, North Beach, and Belle Isle. Properties in these buildings often get overlooked because they don't have the branding of some of the bigger luxury buildings. There are many different types of properties throughout the city like smaller walk-ups, lofts, and smaller style buildings. In the end, what you get for your money is going to vary considerably from area to area and building to building. The good news is I only touched on a few areas and a few buildings. Although Miami Beach is still a very expensive place to buy real estate, there is often something that can fit everyone's budget if you have reasonable pricing expectations.

Middle Beach Walk-Ups and Lofts Miami Beach Real Estate For Sale

Do you need help sorting through the different neighborhoods, price points and finding the best for your money?

Give me a call today and let me help you.  305-793-8965 In the end, it's critical to work with a local real estate specialist who knows the areas and knows how to get you the most bang for your dollar. Copyright © By Jamey Prezzi * All Rights Reserved*Best Area to Buy a Condo in Miami Beach Florida 

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