West Avenue

1330 West Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

The West Avenue neighborhood is certainly one of my favorite residential neighborhoods in Miami Beach. It is a neighborhood on the western side of South Beach, just north of South of Fifth and South of 17th Street. The West Avenue area is great because it is close to everything South Beach has to offer like the shops, restaurants, and Lincoln Road.  There are a lot of full-time residents in this neighborhood which makes for a nice feel throughout the year. Also you can easily walk to Flamingo Park, tennis, the pools, the beach and more.

The location of the area is approximately from 5th street to 17th street and parallel to the Biscayne Bay.

Please read through our Rental Customer Information Guide so that you know how we will work for you and what to expect. Fill out the questions and forward back to me via email. Jamey & Ognjen Prezzi's Rental Guide with Questions Thanks for contacting us regarding your rental needs. If you want us to look up additional properties for you, please fill out the questions below and read our introduction letter. How does the Rental Process work in Miami and Miami Beach? 1. Call us directly or fill out this email form (listed below) so we have a very clear idea of what you need. Don't worry about making it perfect, just answer right beside the question and when you are finished, send it back. 2. My partner and I will go through the MLS database and send you a list of properties that match your needs. We have access to ALL of the buildings. 3. We can talk about what you like by email or phone. From there we can narrow down your list to about 10 of your most favorite and from there we will call to arrange appointments for you to preview the units/buildings. 4. Once you find a unit you like, we will work with you and the owner's Real Estate Agent to complete the offer, organize the deposits, the lease agreement and go through the application process. How much does this cost you? For you as the Renter, there is no charge for our services. The landlord pays our fee for finding a tenant. The only thing we ask for in return for our time and services is that you work exclusively with us as your Realtors. **Unfortunately we are not able to work with anyone who is working with and calling many different Realtors. It's against our ethics policy as a Realtor and in the end, we have access to the same database and the same properties available for rent. **Very Important. The rental market here has recently changed and become very competitive. Be ready to make an offer asap on any unit you like. Ready to Start? Let's get started. Do you prefer to work by email or telephone? How did you find us? Name: Telephone #: Current Address: Monthly Rental Budget (please be realistic if your "real" budget is $2000, don't put $3000 in terms of "negotiating"): Move-In Date: Term of Lease (At this time I do not do short term rentals/less than 1 year): If we find the right property are you ready to make a decision now? Is there anyone else that will be helping you to make the decision? If yes, please provide their email so I can send the listings to them too. What's the ideal day and time of day that works best for you to preview properties? What area do you want to live in? Are there any buildings that you have heard of or have searched and found that you really like? What do you like about where you currently live? Why are you moving? Furnished or Unfurnished: (Please note the choice of furnished will greatly limit your results.) Do you have a particular style in mind? Pets? If yes size?: # of Bedrooms: # of Bathrooms: Square Footage: Do you need a parking space or is street parking okay?: If you need a second spot are you willing to be flexible, street park? Valet? Pay Extra for monthly parking? Please list your five must haves: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Is there anything else that is important to you that I have not addressed? Are you aware that most landlords require up front one month's of rent in first, last and security deposit so if your rent is $2000 approximately $6000 will be required up front? Are you currently working with another Realtor? A few more important things to know: Because of current market conditions, the Miami Rental market is very competitive. Realistically speaking unless you are ready to sign a lease and put down deposits, it doesn't make sense to just "go out to look" at properties. What's here today is often gone tomorrow. Usually a month or less is a good time to start looking. So when you are ready to start this process, we will be happy to help you . Please keep in mind that most buildings require a 1-2 week approval process. Please begin to make a list of the units you like by the MLS#, this number is located in the upper left-hand part of the listing screen. Send me your list and I will call to schedule appointments and confirm availability. ** To make the most of your previews day, we need your list at least 48 hours in advance.

The West Avenue neighborhood consists of many different types of properties from small walk-up condominiums to super luxury high rise glass structures in the sky.


It is important to know that even within the West Avenue neighborhood there are sub-markets and they consist of factors like:

  • The location of the building (Bayfront or not-bay front)
  • The building and it’s brand
  • The unit itself (the line of the unit and it’s view)
  • The unit itself (the finishes and decor)
  • Parking and the number of parking spaces
  • There are other factors too, but these are a few of the important ones

A Few West Avenue neighborhood buildings:

Bentley Bay

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